Saturday, 21 February 2009

Its Party time!

...well Carnival anyway. The good Mr Ingham of Strategic HMC blog very kindly put me onto the HR Carnival and was even kinder to provide a link to my own ever so small but perfectly formed blog offering. Many thanks to you Sir.

Excellent idea to bring so much gaggle into one place. Saved me a lot of time and put me onto some interesting blogs and comments I had not yet come across. Particularly liked the comments from Nick Jefferson and David Wentworth on Exec comp. My thoughts entirely.

Some other thought proviking stuff there including Mr Inghams on comment on Sexism in the City - should we hand it all over to women? Personally speaking, the fewer cocks in the executive board room the better. I also had to chuckle at Lisa Rosendahl's entry - Getting the Job Offer - a great snippet for those who have recently joined the great unwashed. The internet is a great thing, except when it comes to looking for work. Its created a 'click and send' mentality in job seekers, most of whom put as much effort into getting a job these days as they do putting the bins out at night it seems.

Plenty more there so take a look. Also made me realise that being self employed gives you way more time to blog. Must work on that one...

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