Friday, 27 November 2009

What's Latin for 'Suck this?"...

Yet more trouser shenanigans going on in the financial world I see! Overweight and oversexed old city boy sexually harasses attractive female employee - it's an all too common and depressing story.

A couple of things really stand out for me though in this one.  Firstly, the shameless way Mr Lowe is defending his actions as if they were entirely normal.  Cute Asian hookers in hot pants at meetings? Of course, someone's got to take notes and make the tea!

Sending an employee a note ending with a piece of 'Latin poetry' that roughly translates thus: 'I will fuck you in the ass and mouth'? Why, it's merely poetry! He's only trying to educate the woman!"

Money, or too much of it it at least, seems to remove all sense reality from some people, which is probably why we have heard nothing but total garbage from finance industry leaders and the government in the last 12 months or so.

The second thing that occurs though, is just how obscenely overpaid this young lady appears to be. Reports vary, and we should be careful not to believe too much of the bollocks we read in the press obviously, but most put her 'salary' at £500k for the job of 'marketing executive'. This guy wants me to put my money in his fund to manage when he's going to be spanking huge chunks of it on people like her to take notes at meetings? Not bloody likely.

I have a tip for Miss Wimmer. Before she complains about her boss paying for talentless totty, dressed to please and hang around meetings for the viewing pleasure of his fellow city types, she should take a long, hard look in the mirror. Because from where I'm standing I'm struggling to see the difference between her and the ladies he paid by the hour.

"HR?! Get me more whiskey.  And be quick about it.  Nice arse by the way..."